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This place was recommended to me by a family friend, and I’m so glad. It is one of the few auto/tire shops where they are actually HONEST!!! I’ve had a lot of alignment problems with my cars after going to some of the tire ‘chain’ stores (I often wonder if they even aligned the car), but every time I’ve brought one of my cars to Tyrone Tire it’s been done correctly… the FIRST time. Now it’s pretty much the only place I trust to have tire/alignment work done on my car. Oh, and they are quite nice there.

by Zippydog —-02/14/2010

I been going to Mr, Wayne ever since I moved to Fairburn. I go to him first any time I need something done. I used to go to one of the chains. If he cannot do the job he will send you to somebody who can do it.

By Cliff – Oct 7, 2010

Three years ago, a salesperson from one of Tyrone’s local automotive stores recommended that I take my car to Tyrone Tire Company.  He said, ” The people are honest and know what they are doing.”  He was right, Tyrone Tire Company staff treats customers like family and help them to extend the life of their vehicles. I’m happy to say I still take my 14-year old car to Tyrone Tires and recommend them to all my friends and family.

By Charlene—-10/15/2010